Ugly Chair Convention

Total ugly chair convention at the thrift store today. 

Actually, I kind of like the green one. It has a nice shape. Maybe if it had a better wardrobe it could have come home with me.

There have been a few choice couch specimens lately as well.

This thing was huge! And, check out the detail.

This chair had some sort of controls built in. I wonder what they do?

And, I can’t leave you without a creepy doll, or… four.


Return of Angry Baby

About a year ago I posted about the strange things I find at the thrift store. This week is the return of Angry Baby! 

I looked it up. This was an actual toy, marketed not too long ago. Who wants a baby doll that is perpetually angry?! 

I also found some more ugly furniture for you! 

The eighties called, they want their couch back.

And, a strange-but-awesome find. This was found on the web, but I had to share it for all my pug-loving, Harry Potter-fan, friends.

Dress-Up Closet

Did you know that phones don’t like water? Even if they say they are water resistant? They don’t. I accidentally drowned my phone in the toilet last week, so I didn’t take any new pictures for the blog. I did have 110 voicemail messages though. 110. I don’t think I have ever had that many phone calls, in a week, in my life! Seriously?!

Any who, I got a new phone and all is well. Thanks to the cloud, all my old pictures had been saved, so I have a project to share with you! 

This is my daughter’s Christmas gift. Santa didn’t get it painted before dropping it off, so I finished it for him. I think it is pretty obvious what it used to be. Have you seen the entertainment centers-turned-dress up closets that are all over the web? That was the inspiration. I wanted something that didn’t scream “I used to house a TV” though. I combed the thrift stores for a few weeks and finally found this one.

I love the claw feet, and the fact that it is a smaller size. Just right for a Dress-Up closet. First step, sanding and paint. I just gave it a light sanding to give the wood some texture for the paint. I ended up using three or four coats of paint. It turned out good in the end.

I have had these pink glass knobs for a year or more. I was going to put them on Annie’s dresser, but changed my mind. The look great on the closet. (It didn’t come with any knobs.)

Add a closet rod for her dresses, and a wicker basket underneath for accessories, and it’s done. Turned out cute, dontcha think?

(All those fun dress-up clothes are from the thrift store.)

Ugly Furniture

I have to admit it: I love finding bad furniture. It makes me laugh. And it reminds me of the first furniture my husband and I owned. I am hoping this will be a regular-occuring post. I want to make you smile (or cringe) too! On to the ugly furniture!

Stripes are slimming, right?

One week it was an ugly couch convention. I wonder who buys these?

My grandma had this exact loveseat.

I still do find awesome furniture though. If I had a place for this dresser it totally would have come home with me.

New Year!

I really do love sharing my thrift store finds. I am really bad about actually blogging about them, though. My goal this new year is to post at least twice a month.  

So, here is my first post of 2017! Just some funny things I have found recently.

Any Napoleon Dynamite fans?

This is totally me at the thrift store.

Next time – another installment of ugly furniture!

What’s luck got to do with it?

I am often asked what time is best to thrift store shop. I tell people that there really isn’t a best time. In my experience frequency is the key, not luck. The more you go, the more you find, the “luckier” you are. And if you are there when they bring out new items – first dibs!
Also, spend some time. I usually get sucked in for an hour or so. If you take the time to look, there are treasures hidden on the shelves and on the racks.
Here are some items I have found “hiding”.
A brass cricket box.

Flamingo pink Pyrex dinnerware.

Zombie cookie cutters.

And, funny, snarky signs.


The one sad thing about the shop is that they usually only have one of an item.
Like one salt or pepper shaker.


Unless you want an Elefun game or woven plate holders. Then you are covered!