Thrift Giving


How do you feel about gift shopping at thrift stores? I think some people find it tacky. As for me, I used to but now I don’t. I put a lot of thought into gifts. So if I come across that perfect gift for someone at the shop, I will totally buy it for them.
Christmas is coming up. With five kids it could get very expensive. Luckily, my kids have been brainwashed raised to love the thrift store, and don’t mind one bit if some of their gifts originate there. I go often enough that I can find almost anything they are in to. A lot of times there are brand new items for sake at the shop, or ones that are like new.  I would guess that around 75% of the gifts we give at Christmas come from the shop. Most people don’t ask where their gifts come from, so it is my happy secret.

What do you think about thrift-giving?


The Chair

I thought I would post a little something about my chair in Baby Girl’s room.
It started as a #thriftstorescore. I loved the clean lines of this vintage mid-century modern chair. (I actually bought a pair of them, but could only fit one in the space.) The finish needed some love, and any original upholstery was long gone. There were a few remaining scraps of an old floral fabric still attached to the back slats, along with a dozen or more heavy duty staples.


The brown color of the chair was nice, but was worn and not really cohesive with the color scheme of the room. So, I painted it white.
As nice as the lines of the chair are, it wasn’t really very comfortable without a seat cushion. Since it didn’t come with one, I made one. I bought a piece of firm foam at the fabric store, and got my fabric for a steal. The pillow came from the shop.  The cushion and pillow made all the difference. I love to sit here and nurse Baby Girl or read to her.


Sometimes I just sit here and blog!