Dress-Up Closet

Did you know that phones don’t like water? Even if they say they are water resistant? They don’t. I accidentally drowned my phone in the toilet last week, so I didn’t take any new pictures for the blog. I did have 110 voicemail messages though. 110. I don’t think I have ever had that many phone calls, in a week, in my life! Seriously?!

Any who, I got a new phone and all is well. Thanks to the cloud, all my old pictures had been saved, so I have a project to share with you! 

This is my daughter’s Christmas gift. Santa didn’t get it painted before dropping it off, so I finished it for him. I think it is pretty obvious what it used to be. Have you seen the entertainment centers-turned-dress up closets that are all over the web? That was the inspiration. I wanted something that didn’t scream “I used to house a TV” though. I combed the thrift stores for a few weeks and finally found this one.

I love the claw feet, and the fact that it is a smaller size. Just right for a Dress-Up closet. First step, sanding and paint. I just gave it a light sanding to give the wood some texture for the paint. I ended up using three or four coats of paint. It turned out good in the end.

I have had these pink glass knobs for a year or more. I was going to put them on Annie’s dresser, but changed my mind. The look great on the closet. (It didn’t come with any knobs.)

Add a closet rod for her dresses, and a wicker basket underneath for accessories, and it’s done. Turned out cute, dontcha think?

(All those fun dress-up clothes are from the thrift store.)


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