Ugly Chair Convention

Total ugly chair convention at the thrift store today. 

Actually, I kind of like the green one. It has a nice shape. Maybe if it had a better wardrobe it could have come home with me.

There have been a few choice couch specimens lately as well.

This thing was huge! And, check out the detail.

This chair had some sort of controls built in. I wonder what they do?

And, I can’t leave you without a creepy doll, or… four.


Return of Angry Baby

About a year ago I posted about the strange things I find at the thrift store. This week is the return of Angry Baby! 

I looked it up. This was an actual toy, marketed not too long ago. Who wants a baby doll that is perpetually angry?! 

I also found some more ugly furniture for you! 

The eighties called, they want their couch back.

And, a strange-but-awesome find. This was found on the web, but I had to share it for all my pug-loving, Harry Potter-fan, friends.