We’re on Etsy!

I have collected a lot of fun and beautiful vintage items, but I do not have space to enjoy them all. So, I am offering them to you on Etsy! Stop by and have a gander. Maybe something will tickle your fancy.

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Baby Girl’s Room – the After

I have had so much fun over the past few months collecting items for Baby Girl’s room (also my office), and planning it all out. I am not a professional decorator, but I think it turned out great. I am very happy with it.

Her space doubles as my office. I store my eBay inventory there, as well as my printer, camera, etc.

I tried to gather most of what I needed from the thrift store, though I did have to buy a few things retail, usually at a good discount. There are better descriptions with each photo.

There you have it. I love this room. It is so peaceful, and calming to me. I hope it will be the same for my daughter.
I will be posting some before-and-after project pictures soon!

Baby Girl’s Room – the Before

In my last post I told you about how we had five kids in one bedroom, and what a disaster zone it was. It sent my anxiety through the roof every time I walked in. I am posting some ‘before’ pictures for you all – you can see for yourself what I was talking about. These were, by the way, taken on a relatively “clean” day.)

So, there you have it. Come back tomorrow for the ‘after’ pictures!

Four Boys and a Princess

I have five kids, four boys and one girl. Until now they have all been sleeping in the same bedroom. You read that right – five kids, one bedroom. It is a large room, and with two sets of bunk beds it wasn’t that bad. Until we had our fifth child. See, our first four are boys. Typically loud, rambunctious, messy boys. Especially messy. Their bedroom is pretty much a disaster at all times. I try to organize things, but there is only¬†so much space in a bedroom that houses four boys. And then, we added a crib. And a dresser for the baby. That really did it, now the room is overcrowded and even when it is “clean” it still looks like a mess. To top it off, that crib belongs to a baby GIRL. Now what girl wants to share a bedroom with four boys? (Even if they adore each other.) We had a problem.

Now, as a bit of background information, we have a basement apartment. We rented it out as a 2-bedroom apartment, keeping the third bedroom as a storage room for us. Every time we needed to access that storage room, however, we had to go through the tenant’s apartment. Not so cool. So, at the end of July our most recent tenant had moved out and we decided to remodel the apartment and convert it to a one-bedroom. Now, at the beginning of September it is finished and we have new tenants moving in this week. Phew! The best part is that we now have two extra bedrooms downstairs, *cue angels singing*, and we don’t have to go through the tenant’s space any more to get to them. The plan is to move the boys downstairs (two to a room) and their current bedroom will be a bedroom for Baby Girl, and an office for me. This project has been the focus of my thrifting trips since then. I will be sharing before and after pictures, and some upcycling projects I have been working on!